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Rides #3 a & b December 27th – My birthday!

Today is my birthday, so I decided to start with a nice ride on the Yarra Trail to the Eastern Freeway. This only occurred after a very special phone call, and opening some fabulous and thoughtful presents.

It was such a delightful morning; in fact, it was so lovely that I decided to write a haiku.


Smell of eucalypts

Sonorous native birds

Deep happiness felt.


Day 3 was a nice, cruisey day, interspersed with being sung Happy Birthday 3 times! (Once with a ukulele as well!) The shadows were really great in the morning, and here I am- as close as I ever want to get to being in the middle of a freeway on two wheels. After my morning roll I went to brunch, which was humungous but delicious on Smith Street.


In the afternoon the house for chickens was constructed (with some help from a very talented builder!!), and then I was off for dinner in the City.


All in all- pretty much one of the best birthdays ever. It would have only been topped if a few very special people weren’t overseas!


112 km done… only 388 km left!






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