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Ride # 4 A two-part effort – December 28th

Well today, was not a particularly auspicious start, with only 14.6 kms in the morning before getting absolutely drenched. It was proper rain… I will endeavour more kms later this afternoon…


127 km done… only 373 km to go.

Well… in the immortal words of Chris, today just got awesome. I am off for another spin!


I outdid myself this afternoon, with a return trip up to Kinglake, a serious amount of mean climbing! Really beautiful, and worth it- but I’m a little worked (1600m of climbing, 2 Cat 2 Climbs and 2 Cat 4, it’s a biggie.) However, I scored myself a Queen of the Mountain on strava which is really exciting, and hit a top speed of over 60km! Yay! I did cheat myself out of about 6kms when I forgot to click on my garmin… sigh.


Today was pretty nifty as I got to see lots of animals, including: ducks, cows, llamas, sheep, gallahs, bunnies, kookaburras and kangaroos. I also passed the unicorn horse riding school – but I do not believe there are any actual unicorns there.

Well, wherever I ride tomorrow, it will be flat!

And, just because I love my shoes so much- they get their own, dedicated photo. 🙂


210 km done… 290 km to go!





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