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Day # 7 – December 31st

Well, today required another day of over 100kms to make it to the 500km mark. This was not easy as fatigue was setting in, and many parts of my body were starting to get sunburned. Although it was a rather warm day, I was forced to wear my pearl arm warmers just to keep the … Continue reading

Day # 6 – December 30th

Today was an epic journey to Yea, over the hills and faraway. Made possible by my two domestiques Craig and Chris… more on this ride later. 107 big kms in the saddle today, and only 110 kms go until the torture-fest is over. http://app.strava.com/activities/34712877

Day # 5 – December 30th

Today was not the most fun day on a bike ever, but another 77kms in the bag, so it was worth it. I started off a little dehydrated, and as you can see from the nightstand I was doing everything in power to get in the H20. I started off with a very nice, organic … Continue reading

Ride # 4 A two-part effort – December 28th

Well today, was not a particularly auspicious start, with only 14.6 kms in the morning before getting absolutely drenched. It was proper rain… I will endeavour more kms later this afternoon… 127 km done… only 373 km to go. Well… in the immortal words of Chris, today just got awesome. I am off for another … Continue reading

Rides #3 a & b December 27th – My birthday!

Today is my birthday, so I decided to start with a nice ride on the Yarra Trail to the Eastern Freeway. This only occurred after a very special phone call, and opening some fabulous and thoughtful presents. It was such a delightful morning; in fact, it was so lovely that I decided to write a … Continue reading

Ride #2 December 26th

Very nice ride down and back to Elwood for dinner with Claire, save the bit on Punt Road… But, the lovely bicycle lane on St. Kilda Road made up for the no-bike-lane-post-boxing-day-test-maniac-taxi-drivers!! Today was a good productive day with a bit more time on the bike planned for tomorrow, my birthday! The two best bits of today … Continue reading

Ride #1 December 25th

The 500 km adventure began today with a pleasant spin on Yarra Boulevard (and the breakfast of champions- a mince tart), taking in beautiful Melbourne. 24.5 km done, only 475.5 more to go! http://app.strava.com/activities/33878779 #festive500

Site set up and ready to go…

The plan is hatching…